The Building Project

Paying your pledges

Thank you to those who made generous three year pledges to the Capital Campaign. All pledges should be fulfilled by the end of 2019. Please direct any questions to pusnur@sprchicago.


Construction is expected to be completed by the end of November 2017. Please come and see our new, reinvigorated spaces. And thank you for your generous financial support of this important project. To see the complete plans, download the brochure.

The Goals of the Project

GOAL 1: Hospitality

to make spaces that are attractive and conducive for connecting lives of parishioners and community groups

GOAL 2: Accessibility

to make sure all are welcome without exception

GOAL 3: Renewal

to ensure the safety and soundness of the building

Overhaul of Electrical System
Most of our wiring is original to the building, going back to 1958. That means, for instance, that we can't make coffee and run the A/C in the Byllesby Room on Sundays, only certain outlets can support our office equipment, and things have to be unplugged in order to vacuum! 

If you're ever at church during a torrential rain, you'll notice a few waterfalls cascading from our roofs. We plan to replace the remaining original gutters. This will not only improve the look of our building but also improve the proper drainage of water away from our building, reducing flooding and preventing damage.

Windows in Sanctuary
In addition to the stained glass, our Sanctuary also has square colored windows in the clerestory above the organ and on the western wall surrounding the crucifix. These windows are leaking water. We will reseal them.

Sewage Smell in Youth Room, Nursery, and Kitchen
Sewage from the lower level restrooms has to be pumped upward in order to connect to the city sewers. And the pumps that do that are adjacent to the Youth Room, Kitchen, and Nursery. We will seal those pits to keep the smell away. 

A couple years ago, we did some emergency tuck-pointing on our exterior walls and their limestone caps — because chunks of them were falling onto the sidewalks. It's now time to complete the work to make sure all our walls are safe and sound.

Upgrades to Fire and Security Systems
Our fire alarm system will be updated to bring it up to code and additional motion detectors will be added to our security system.


GOAL 4: Sustainability

to be better stewards of the earth and our money

No More Styrofoam!
A new commercial dishwasher will mean reusable plates, cups, and cutlery after all Sunday services.

Central Air Conditioning on Main Level
Central air will improve energy efficiency by replacing the current window units on this level. The system will also provide fresh air into these rooms.

Building Envelope
New energy-efficient double-pane windows to replace current single-panes.
Screened windows will reduced need for air conditioning on moderate days (The current windows let in lots of bugs — and sometimes a bird!).
Install much-needed new insulation in the attic of the office wing.

Internal Environment
Removal of asbestos. Removal of all lead.

Replace halogen lighting in office wing with LED lighting.
Install LED lighting in Parish Hall.
Replace exit signs with LED fixtures.


GOAL 5: Solidarity

to live into our interconnection with the world’s vulnerable