thrift shop formal


A Sunday Formation Class; welcoming grades 6th to 12th
Sundays from 10:20-11:05 | September – May 2

In Youth Formation, we gather for 45 minutes to enjoy donuts and discussion. We've pondered questions like “Is God Male?”; “Did God write the Bible?”; and “What is the real meaning of Christmas?” Occasionally, we will join the Adult Formation when it features a special lecture series, and we always follow the curriculum of the wider church’s small groups when they occur. Registration is never required. Just come to the Youth Room on Sunday morning.


A Social/Fellowship Group; welcoming grades 6th to 12th
Most Sundays from 5-7PM

Youth Group meets weekly on Sundays during the program year, typically from 5-7PM. We usually spend three weeks each month at the church, and one at an offsite community-building trip like a Sox game or a hiking outing. Each night begins with dinner, often made by parent volunteers. Check out our info board outside of the youth room, subscribe to the SPR parish's weekly email blast, or follow us at @SPRYouth for updated scheduling info. 

Parents! We welcome parents' help for youth group meals each week. Sign up in advance here.

If you'd like more info on youth programming, contact Addie Domske, Youth Leader:

Upcoming Youth Groups of Note…

September 10 – First Youth Group of Year - Thrift Shop Formal (extended night: 4-7p)

Join us for the first youth group of the year where we will drive to a local thrift shop, find a funny or unique outfit to wear for less than $10, and then head back to the church for some fine dining (Chinese takeout). Best-dressed wins the Thrift Shop Formal of 2017 Trophy!

September 17 – Paint the Youth Room Night

September 24 – Sox Game (afternoon outing)

October 1 – The Second Annual Great Not-So-British Baking Youth Group

October 7-82017 Lock-in!!!

October 15 – God at the Movies

October 22 – Pumpkin Carving

October 29 – All Saints + All Souls Breakfast (Saturday prep, Sunday serve)

This week is special: we dine in style. Come on Saturday to help prep and then arrive Sunday morning to make a serve some delicious breakfast soufflés to the parishioners at the All Saints liturgies.

November 5 – Pokémon Party

November 12 – Adler Outing (afternoon outing)

November 19 – God at the Movies

December 3 – ZooLights (extended night: 4:30-7:30p)

December 17 White Elephant Gift Exchange Party