Folks in their 20s and 30s gather about once a month to do something fun, including cooking dinner together, game nights, movies, and more. Here's our next event ...


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Join us at our next 20s/30s event on Sunday, October 15 for a private tour of Alphawood Gallery’s once-in-a-lifetime “Then They Came For Me,” an original exhibit documenting the Japanese American incarceration on its 75th anniversary. We will leave SPR at 12:30pm, immediately following the 11:15 service, to head up to the North Side. Our tour, led by art historian Keilyn Kuramitsu, will begin at 1pm. For questions, please email Kenji Kuramitsu at kenjikuramitsu@gmail.com.

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What does communion have to do with social justice? What do the simple elements of bread and wine have to say to wider social conditions of despair, alienation, and white supremacy?

Join us on Friday, September 29th, as we reflect on the political and economic implications of the Christian Eucharist. Meet us at McCormick Theological Seminary (5460 S. University Ave) at 6pm for a shared community meal, followed by a keynote. Liberation theologian Claudio Carvalhaes (Associate Professor of Worship, Union Seminary) will present. The program will end by 9pm. For questions, please email Kenji Kuramitsu at kenjikuramitsu@gmail.com.


Deep Dish
A three-part series where we ate deep dish pizza and we talked about deep things: why we go to church, how to have a full life not consumed by jobs and money, and how to build and maintain friendships.

Pre-Easter Jesus Christ Superstar Viewing and Dinner

We teamed up with the Food Garden folks to have a delicious brunch while we did the final harvest and closed the garden for the winter.

Watching E.T. on the Midway Plaisance

Pre-Christmas Party at the Adegokes

Lots of potlucks