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To mirror the radical hospitality practiced by Jesus, and be true to our Baptismal covenant, we strive to become a beloved community that  reflects on our own racial identities and recognizes racism and privilege in our church and society; works for justice by building relationships and sustained efforts to heal, reconcile, and seek Christ in each other; and acts to interrupt and dismantle unjust and white supremacist structures, transforming ourselves and our church to become a living embodiment of justice and peace.


With God’s help, we will enact our vision through prayerful, long-term, collective self-examination and action within all dimensions of institutional life at SPR: governance, lay and ordained leadership, liturgy, formation, outreach, community partnerships and more. To better serve our church and neighbors, we will partner with our diocese, the wider Episcopal church, and other faith communities and organizations that share a similar mission.


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Lenten Small Groups | March 2018

A four week deeper dive into Drew G.I. Hart's book, Trouble I've Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism, using guides developed by members of the Anti-Racism Working Group. Parishioners engaged in meaningful-often challenging-conversations about how we can be the people and parish God calls us to be.

Becoming Beloved Community @ SPR | Jan-Feb 2018

SPR's Anti-Racism Working Group hosts a three part series to celebrate Dr King's vision and to shape our faith-driven commitment to racial justice utilizing the Episcopal Church's Becoming Beloved Community Vision Document as a guide.

Race and Church: A Reading Group | Feb 2017

Discussion of Drew G.I. Hart's excellent book, Trouble I've Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism at three Adult Formations

Black Lives Matter

St. Paul & the Redeemer stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We believe police violence against people of color, though a complex issue, is anchored in the racism in which the U.S. has always been rooted. God is calling us, in this moment, to work against racism in all its forms, from overt hatred to the more insidious ways it corrupts cultural, political, and religious institutions. 

Past Events

  • Black Lives Matter Vigil (Dec 2014) After a grand jury did not indict Officer Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, the people of SPR gathered for an evening of song and prayer, and for black leaders in our parish to share their experiences of when their lives did not matter. 
  • Our Stories (Feb 2015) In celebration of Black History Month, we collected many more stories from parishioners of all backgrounds on their experiences with race and racism. Read the collection.
  • Cracking the Codes (Jan 2016) Parishioners gathered to watch together the film Cracking the Codes and to participate in exercises to develop awareness of each of our own internalized racial superiority or inferiority. 
  • Understanding Privilege (Apr–May 2016) This Adult Formation series included expert lectures and panels of presenters to unpack the meaning of privilege and how its invisible hand distorts our common life. 
  • Black Lives Matter Reading Group (Aug 2016) This group read together and discussed Ta-Nehisi Coates's Between the World and Me.
  • Outing to Cook County Jail (Feb 2017) Kara Smith, chief policy officer for the Cook County Jail, led parishioners on a tour of the jail and highlighted reform efforts underway there.