All children aged 8 and up (who are not part of a Children's Choir) are invited to join the Acolytes.

What Do They Do?
Acolytes assist the clergy in presiding in the 9:15 service, including

  • leading the processions
  • helping set the Altar for Communion
  • helping clean up after the service

Why Join?

  • It's a great way for kids to learn about what we do in worship and why we do it. 
  • Children and youth feel more invested in going to church when they have a job to do. 
  • It's an important way to contribute to the community.
  • It's a good way to make friends.

What's the Commitment
Acolytes typically serve once or twice a month. Before we set each quarterly schedule, parents have an opportunity to block out the dates their kids are unavailable. Substitutes can also be requested as needed.