Godly Play

Sunday Morning Formation Class for Age 3 to 4th Grade
10:20-11:10a | September – May

Children are spiritual. They have incredible capacity to listen, wonder, and make meaning out of the biblical stories they hear. This is the foundation for Godly Play, our Montessori-based Christian formation program for children. In Godly Play, we teach children the art of using religious forms of expression, including parable, sacred story, silence and liturgical action. These are tools for them to articulate and wonder about the relationship they already have with God.

Registration is not required for Godly Play. Simply bring your child to the downstairs classrooms on Sunday at 10:20a.

Godly Play Fall of 2018 Line Up Coming soon.

For a fuller sense of Godly Play, see the 2017 program below:

SPR’s Godly Play formation is back again this Fall to begin the first part of the 2017-2018 season. Our plan this Fall is to deal with at least 10 stories for the PreK/K and Grades 1-2 before we get to the Advent story which has Godly Paly for All on December 3. The line up from Volume 2 stories looks like this:

6.     The Exodus,
7.     The Ten Best Ways,
8.     The Ark & the Tent,
9.     The Ark & the Temple,
10.  The Exile & Return.

1.     The Circle of the Church Year,
2.     The Holy Family,
3.     Creation,
4.     The Flood & the Ark,
5.     The Great Family,

Grades 3-5 will have equivalent, but more advanced stories (recently acquired) running concurrently with those above, and their line up from Volume 6 looks like this:

6.     The Story of Samuel,
7.     The Story of King David,
8.     The Story of Ruth
9.     The Story of Prophet Elijah
10.  The Story of Prophet Isaiah

1.     The Story of Abraham,
2.     The Story of Jacob,
3.     The Story of the Falling Apart,
4.     The Story of Moses,
5.     The Story of Sarah

After having Godly Play for All on the first week of Advent, the PreK/K will repeat the Advent stories over again. The Grades 1-2 will have the Story of Prophet Elijah and books of the Bible, whilst the Grades 3-5 will have the Stories of Prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Everyone will then hear the Mystery of Christmas on Christmas Eve which rounds off Godly Play for 2017.

At Godly Play, we believe that each child has their own God-language and can form community with peers in a set-up deliberately arranged to achieve just that. Read blurbs from our dedicated team of storytellers and doorpersons and please COME AND SEE (which you are allowed to do as a parent), and better still BRING THE LITTLE ONES to COME AND SEE. Andrew did that for Simon Peter on an invitation to the Christ, the Messiah, and things were never the same for Christianity from that day onwards. We invite you to do the same this Fall of 2018 at SPR where “we seek to become a community that mirrors the Radical Hospitality practiced by Jesus.” Let the little come for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to them.

This formation runs concurrently with all other formations for 45minutes and it starts at 10:20am right after the 9:15am service. Let your child follow the acolyte with a sign written “Follow me to Godly Play.”


NEW! Pathfinders - 5th Graders

Sunday Morning Formation Class for 5th Grade
10:20-11:10a | September – May

After assessing Godly Play returns for rising 5th Graders we decided to develop a new formation class for the rising 5th graders using The Episcopal Church Weaving God’s Promises curriculum. The focus is on three things:
1.     Christian Education,
2.     Worship, and
3.     Service

All these are informed and directed by:
1.     Holy Scriptures,
2.     The Church, and
3.     Christian Living.

Formation is open for all the 5th Graders and they meet in the Pathfinders classroom in the lower level. There will be one social once a month. All 5th Graders are welcome to attend and Monte will lead this group.

If you’d like to find out more about Godly Play or Pathfinders, talk with Cynthia Bagrowski, Director of Children’s Formation: bagrowski@sprchicago.org.