Adult Choirs

We have two fantastic adult choirs, one for the 9:15 service and one for the 11:15 service. Consider joining one of them.

Regular Weekday Rehearsals

9:15 & 11:15 Adult Choirs: Thursdays, 7:00-8:40p, followed by a potluck social time (once monthly) or Sung Compline (remaining evenings), both optional, which many members have come to appreciate as ways to get better connected with fellow choir members and bring a prayerful end to their day.

We understand that one's life can be full of many activities and obligations. Weekly rehearsals allow everyone to attend as often as possible, and minimize the impact of absences. Choir members are encouraged to try to limit their absences to one per month.

See the current Choir Calendar.

Special Choral Events

The Adult Choirs prepare major works for several liturgical events throughout the season, including

  • Haïti Sunday (Sep 22)

  • Classical mass for All Saints’ Sunday (Nov 3)

  • Christmas Eve

  • Jazz mass for Carnival Sunday (Feb 23)

  • Ash Wednesday (Feb 26)

  • Holy Week (Triduum) and Easter (Apr 9-12)

  • Trinity Sunday (Jun 7)

Why Join a Choir?

Singing in a choir is one of the most rewarding experiences available at SPR: 

  • You get in-depth understanding of our music and liturgy.

  • You are expertly supported as you stretch and improve your musical skills.

  • You provide an invaluable service to your fellow parishioners.

  • You join a warm community of fun-loving, mutually supportive, hard-working fellow singers.

Can't Commit to a Whole Year?

Try joining a choir for a season. Here are the seasons for 2019–2020:

  • EARLY FALL: starts 1st week of Sept 2019 and culminates on All Saints Sunday, Nov 3.

  • ADVENT: Preparations start 2nd week of Nov 2019 and this season culminates at the Christmas Eve 9:00p service.

  • EPIPHANY: starts 1st week of Jan 2020 and culminates on Carnival Sunday, Feb 23.

  • LENT & EASTER: Preparations start in early Mar 2020 and culminate in the Holy Week services and Easter Sunday (Apr 9-12)

  • EASTER SEASON: starts in mid-April 2020 and culminates on Trinity Sunday, Jun 7.

Get Connected

Talk to Christian Clough to help you get started: | (773) 624-3185 x223