Regular Sunday Schedule

8:00 Holy Eucharist

  • An intimate and quiet service.

  • No music and"King James" worship language.

  • Popular with folks who grew up Anglican, those who prefer quieter services, and those who prefer a shorter service.

  • Followed by Coffee Talk.

9:15 Holy Eucharist

11:15 Holy Eucharist

  • A more contemplative service.

  • Music from many different traditions, and especially ancient European and African American sacred music, led by a small, very talented Adult Choir.

  • Popular with graduate students, young professionals, retirees, and families with older children.

  • Followed by Coffee Talk.


Service Times in the Summer

June 7, 2020 – Sept 6, 2020

8:00 Holy Eucharist

An intimate and quiet service with no music and that uses an older form of worship. Coffee and refreshments follow.

10:00 Holy Eucharist

Summer Sundays are a time to chill: come ready to sing fun music and enjoy a mini-picnic after the service. Flip-flops optional.


Frequently Asked Questions:

"How do I get there?"
Get directions to St. Paul & the Redeemer

"Is there parking?"
Yes! We have a parking lot on the east side of our building. Enter from 50th street. There is also usually ample street parking on Blackstone Ave.

"What should I wear?"
Some people come in shorts. Some people come in suits. Most people come in something in between. If it's comfortable for you and respectful to others, then you're wearing the right thing.

"What do I do? When do I stand? Which hymnal?"
Every liturgy at SPR uses a printed bulletin that contains all of the words to say, the music to sing, and even directions for when to stand, sit, kneel, etc. Preview a bulletin.

"Are children welcome?"
Children are very welcome, and we invite them to participate actively in the service. 

  • We've collected wisdom from parents about helping children participate in worship. Read our Tips for Parents.

  • We have a professionally staffed Nursery during Sunday services for ages 0–3.

  • During the Sermon we invite the kids to their own special liturgy at Children's Chapel. They return for the celebration of Communion. (At the 9:15 service, 10:00 during the summer).

  • Finally, we're equipped for kids. You'll find coloring pages, crayons, and picture books at the doors. We also have changing tables in some restrooms and the Nursery.

"Is there Sunday School?"
Yes. Read more about

"I don't want to stick out!"
You won't. SPR is a community that expects new folks, and on every Sunday there are quite a few individuals and families who are new. We guarantee you won't be made to feel like you're the only one in the room no one knows.

"Can I receive Communion?"
Yes. Everyone, without exception, is invited to receive Communion.