Make Your Pledges

What is a pledge?
Pledges are expressions of our best intentions, not legal obligations. They are goals for giving. We invite everyone to make a pledge, and to do so after praying about and considering what is possible. This year, we invite you to make two different pledges:

  • a 1-year pledge for Annual Giving to support our ministries in 2017 and
  • a 3-year pledge for the Capital Campaign to make major improvements to our building.

How do I calculate my pledges?

  • Take a look at this guide.
  • If you made an Annual Giving pledge last year, please do not reduce your Annual Giving pledge this year to make a Capital Campaign pledge.

Pledge Form

Name *
Annual Giving Pledge
This is a pledge for SPR's mission and ministry in 2017 (the same kind of pledge we ask for every year).
This is a special 3-year pledge for the building project.