Rector Search Update – August and September

On August 13 the Search Committee received a diverse and solid pool of prospective candidates. We truly are blessed to have such outstanding clergy attracted to discerning with SPR. On August 15 candidates received essay questions, which they will have two weeks to complete. After the committee has reviewed their answers, we will begin the task of deciding who will continue on in the process. Phone/skype interviews with the Search Committee will be scheduled with designated candidates during the month of September and finalists will be determined at the beginning of October. As always, please hold all the candidates, their families, SPR, and the committee in your prayers as we continue to discern the best fit for all.

Ellen Wiggins, Gail Williams, Alicia Chipman, Bruce Plummer, Eva Nielsen, Hank Underwood, Jane McCamant, Kenji Kuramitsu and Sem Sutter